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Sunday, 27th November 2022, at 11:00

UKA Licence Number: 2021-42056

This event is being held under England Athletics' rules

This event is being run in support of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance

HQ Venue – Edington Station Yard, which is a small trading estate near Edington.

Map of the Course

Video of the entire route

Exit Station Yard turning right towards Edington.

Continue into Monastery Road, past the Church and then turn Right into Lower Road (0.5 miles).

The road twists as you pass the houses. You cross a bridge as you leave the village (1.1 miles) and another as you go over a railway line.

Turn Right at the crossroads (1.4 miles) towards Steeple Ashton. The road bends to the right. Pass a farm on your left, then the road bears right before you come to a crossroads. Turn left here into Trowbridge Road and then turn left at the top into Edington Road (2 miles).

Continue through Steeple Ashton then turn right into Hinton Lane (4.1 miles).

Straight over at the crossroads (4.9 miles) into Great Hinton then turn Right into Back Street (5.2 miles).

Keep to the right of the road through Great Hinton

At the bottom turn left at the junction onto Main Street (5.4 miles) then follow Main Street out of Great Hinton turning right at the crossroads (5.8 miles) (towards Trowbridge).

Pass the sign COLD HARBOUR and turn left onto Common hill (6.4 miles) and back towards Steeple Ashton turning right into Sandpits Lane (7.3 miles).

Follow Sandpits Lane keeping right on West Ditch Lane at Silver Thorn House/East Town Farm (9.1 miles).

Turn left on the double bend into an unnamed road (9.3 miles)

Turn Left onto Bratton Road (9.9 miles) and through the hamlet of Dunge

Turn Left at the crossroads towards Steeple Ashton (and Melksham) (11.4 miles)

After passing a farm on your left the road bears right before you come to a crossroads.

Turn Right at the top towards (Tinhead and) Edington (12 miles)

Turn right into Station Yard, finish on the right (13.1 miles).