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Sunday, 27th November 2022, at 11:00

UKA Licence Number: 2022-44459

This event is being held under England Athletics' rules

This event is being run in support of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance

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Video of the entire route


Fantastically friendly half marathon weaving undulating through the countryside. My first non-big-city half marathon and I'm a convert. Small, friendly, low-key. Nice touch with names on all the race number bibs - all the marshals out on the course were calling personalised encouragement as you went passed each and every one. - with many also offering jelly babies. The fact that that morning's weather was atrocious was something that we didn't really notice as the whole event was so friendly and encouraging - and the route was excellent. Yes, it was undulating, but therefore variable and interesting. Great finish line commentating - again, encouraging every runner.

The Battle of Edington

In 878 AD King Alfred the Great's Saxon army fought and defeated Guthrum's Danish Army 'Great Heathen Army' at Edington. It is possible the the first Westbury White Horse was carved into the chalk hillside to celebrate this victory. The present White Horse was recreated in the year 1778.

See if you can spot any signs of this battle as you run the course ...

Have a look at our description of the route which explains all the lovely twists and turns that you will take. We try not to mention all the hills (there aren't really any), just the odd slope! When planning the route several years ago our aim was to find a flat, really fast course, however this proved a little difficult, but come and have a look.
Great Hinton
This half marathon, now in its third, fourth, fifth, sixth year, takes you along quiet country lanes and the beautiful picturesque villages of Edington, Steeple Ashton and Great Hinton.
... and a great video
No headphones allowed
We take great pride in our 100 marshals who will encourage you along the route. We provide three drink stations, and no doubt you will be offered some jelly babies to eat as you run.
Chip timing supplied by DBMax


We have tried to anticipate all your questions but if you would like to know more don't hesitate to ask us.

If you would like to enquire about sponsoring this event please contact


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Elevation of the course.

Are you a beginner? Advice for those running their first half marathon.

More photographs will be available on the website after the event.